Woofy – M-F 10a-2p

Woofy is a married father of two. You’ve definitely heard Woofy’s voice if you’ve spent any time on the Emerald Coast – he’s been on the radio here for 30+ years! Woofy has been there for all of us over the years – from broadcasting during Opal, Ivan, Michael, and Mary (just to name a few), he is also involved in promoting many local charity organizations. In his off time, Woofy likes kayaking local waterways (Destin Harbor early mornings and golfing (he’s not very good at it). If all that isn’t enough – he was made an honorary Command Chief at Hurlburt AFB in 2006! Listen to Woofy weekdays from 10am-2pm on ROCK 92.1 – The Gulf Coast Rock Alternative.