JT – M-F 2p-7p

JT is a by-product of the Zephyrhills, Florida school system climbing and clawing his way to the top by making it to (the much sought after) senior varsity football water boy position. Never one to rest on the laurels of his success, JT began janitorial services at the infamous WPAS radio station in Zephyrhills emptying trash cans and cleaning up hardened DJ vomit off the floors at the station after school. Well soon, word spread about how well JT could line a garbage can with a new garbage bag, and it wasn’t long before the Spec’s Howard School of Broadcasting in Detroit offered JT a position as official restroom attendant. Unfortunately after initiating too many awkward conversations about urinal cakes to customers, it was decided JT would be better suited out of public restrooms and on the radio airwaves in Detroit. So now, after a decade or two of mediocre entertainment value in Detroit and several firings later, we find JT back in Florida and as part of his probation, on the air waves of ROCK 92.1 – The Gulf Coast Rock Alternative. Enjoy all the free stuff he’ll giveaway as a bribe to get you to listen to him, however, please don’t encourage him by bringing up urinal cakes as a topic…we warned you.